Mobile Binary Trading at Anyoption

Anyoption were among the brokers that joined the binary trading options industry at a fairly early stage. The company was launched way back in early 2009 and has ever since been among the most professional and well seasoned brokers in the market. The trading platform they offer has remained online since their inception, and hasn’t gone through any major revamps or redesigns in its existence. This is mostly regarded as a positive aspect as the proceedings are fairly easy for traders to adjust to, and not many people find them difficult or inconvenient.

The formula followed by Anyoption is based on the traditional “keep it simple” approach – and this is exactly how they go about their business. The website is user-friendly and easy to understand. It features a simplistic design which clearly indicates the clear cut approach of the broker. The primary idea behind the trading platform is to facilitate novice traders rather than seasoned ones. The main feature of their website seems to be the incredible amount of assets available.

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Impressive Payout System

The traders are provided with decent returns on their investments. The average range is between 65% and 71% which depends on the expiry time and the type of asset being traded. Additionally, they also promise a 15% return on the initial deposit in case your prediction goes wrong on a trade. Let’s face it, the payouts may not be as big as some of the other names in the industry, but the guarantee for 15% returns certainly makes Anyoption a strong candidate. The minimum deposit of $100 is also quite reasonable.

An Incredible Variety of Assets

Anyoption hosts an astonishing selection of assets which totals well over 140, and the best part is that the list seems to be growing even bigger. The following markets are available for trading:

  • Forex Options
  • Asset Index
  • Stock Options
  • Index Options
  • Commodity Options

How Is the Trading Experience On This Platform?

Anyoption provides a web-based platform which can be accessed from anywhere due to the site’s mobile friendliness. Traders can also receive the outcome of their trades via text messages.

Users have the choice to opt for anyone of 4 varying expiry times on the assets they are trading. These include:

  • End of the hour
  • End of the day
  • End of the week
  • End of the month

Profit Line Feature

The Profit Line feature is a fantastic advantage for users who purchase hourly options. The feature provides a real-time chart that displays profits and tracks them in order to let you know how well your investment is doing.

Wide Range of Languages

There are a total of 7 languages available on the platform. These include:

  1. English
  2. Russian
  3. French
  4. Turkish
  5. Arabic
  6. German
  7. Italian

The Show-Off Wall

The Show-Off Wall is an innovative feature. It provides real-time updates of trades being carried out by users, telling you how well and how much the traders are profiting.

Roll Forward Feature

With the Roll Forward feature, traders can push the expiry time of their option forward if they want, to the closest expiry time provided.

Customer Service

Apart from the fact that the website provides 7 languages, there are several other facilitations provided for the customers. The site also has a “Call Me Back” service where you can leave your details and you’re called back inside an hour by customer support. Anyoption has a customer service which works around the clock to make sure customers from all time zones are facilitated. This is why the customer support at this broker is regarded as among the best ones in the entire industry.

Secure and Reliable

Anyoption has been around the mobile binary trading options market for a long time. This is why the broker has taken its time and finely tuned its services to perfection. Withdrawals and deposits are always out of question as they are streamlined to run smoothly. Users can receive their withdrawals inside 72 hours. An extensive variety of payment options for both withdrawals and deposits is offered by Anyoption. The direct bank transfer option is regarded as the easiest. Another measure which ensures the broker’s reliability is the fact that they keep the deposits of their customers in a separate account which remains distant from all their other business transactions.

The management at Anyoption takes care of the risks and exposure on their own. Real time quotes are taken from Reuters which indicates the reliability of their services as it is a measure that assures market accuracy.

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